HPCA Updates

Final HPCA AGM - June 17, 2021

Hello Neighbours,

We hope you can join us on Thursday June 17th at 7pm for what will be the final Annual General Meeting of High Park Community Alliance. Due to public health measures in place, this will be a virtual meeting once again this year.  We will send out the link to join the meeting in another email on June 17th.

As you know, HPCA formed in January 2017 to challenge the over the top development proposals from Minto and Great Weat Life in High Park North’s Apartment Neighbourhood. After the City settled with both developers in late December 2019, and HPCA settled in late January 2020, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal issued an Interim Order dated February 20, 2020 conditionally approving updated plans from both developers. As a result, there are no further avenues for our group to oppose the developments and so we will be putting the dissolution of HPCA to a vote at the upcoming AGM.

After voting on the dissolution of HPCA, we will conduct another vote to decide how to disburse the remaining funds raised by the community over the last 4.5 years. At this time, that amounts to approximately $20,000 (a financial statement will be shared at the AGM confirming the exact amount in the bank on that date). This amount, minus any fees related to running/dissolving HPCA, must according to HPCA’s Constitution be disbursed to one or more local non-profit organization(s).

So, we are asking for input from the community in advance of the AGM. Please email us by June 15th at and tell us which local non-profit organization(s) you think should receive the donations (you can provide multiple suggestions). We will share the list of suggestions from the community at the AGM and take a vote. Because of the sizeable amount we have left over, the amount will be disbursed between the top 4 vote earners.


As we reported at our 2020 AGM, HPCA received a private grant of $150,000 to be used for the benefit of those living in the High Park North community, particularly to mitigate the impact of construction of the new buildings.

HPCA has since signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the High Park Tenants Association to manage those funds. Per the MOU, the HPTA can use some funds to hire legal counsel to help with rent abatement requests and other Landlord and Tenant Board matters impacting tenants due to the developments. We thank HPTA for taking on this role.  

After our 2020 AGM, HPCA received another private grant of  $150,000, with the funds once again meant to provide support to community members. The HPCA executive opted to give $100,000 to HPTA (for a total of $250,000) to help them achieve their overall mandate.

The President of High Park Tenants Association  will attend our June 17th AGM to talk about the role of HPTA, and how tenants can get involved or get support.

As these arrangements were being made, the HPCA executive decided that it would be appropriate to put a portion of the grant money to use more immediately to help local residents through the winter months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is a list of the 10 organizations to which $5000 donations were made.  They were active in providing people in immediate need with food, clothing, shelter, and housing advocacy (eviction protection).  

Four Villages Community Health Centre (food bank)

Bloor West Food Bank

Windermere United Church (food bank)

Parkdale Community Legal Services

Parkdale Community Food Bank

Sistering (women’s shelter)

Encampment Support Network

Feed It Forward

The Sharing Place (food/clothing bank)

Westminster Chapel at High Park (food/clothing bank)


Update on the developments:

A “Final Order” must be issued by the LPAT before construction can begin.  It will only be issued once a long list of plans and reports are submitted by the developers to comply with the City’s settlement agreements.  When the Interim Order was issued in February 2020, the LPAT also scheduled a conference call for all the parties at the end of October 2020 so the developers could provide an update on their progress. In Fall 2020, the LPAT sent out a notice identifying the Minto/GWL Apartment Neighbourhood files as administratively inactive and will remain so until the developers return with the required studies and plans (there was no conference call held as a result).  No further updates have been issued.

Councillor Gord Perks will be participating in our AGM, and will provide an update on the status of the Minto and GWL developments. Some have asked us about the 299 Glenlake development – Councillor Perks can also address this at the AGM.


We look forward to seeing you all one final time on June 17th. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions for where to donate the residual funds in the HPCA bank account, and look out for our June 17th email with the information on how to join the virtual AGM that evening.

Please stay healthy and safe.

All the best,

Elissa, Steve, Richard, and Albert – HPCA Executive

Join our efforts in opposing these development plans!