7 New Hi-Rise Towers
are set to Overtake Your Neighbourhood

Population Density Doubled with up to 39-storey towers, 1700 units, and more than 5000 people.
Green Space Eliminated, 113+ Trees Removed, Services Strained
All Within a One-Block Radius of High Park/Keele TTC Station

High Park Community Alliance

Join us in fighting over-development in High Park!

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Proceeds will help enable the High Park Community Alliance to hire legal counsel to advise us in opposing intense development proposals submitted to the City of Toronto for 35 High Park Avenue and 111 Pacific Avenue. In order to submit…

Make your voice heard!

Write to Councillor Sarah Doucette and City Planner Philip Carvalino to express your opinions.
Sarah Doucette’s email is:
Philip Carvalino’s email is:  
We suggest focusing on neighbourhood stability, ridiculous number of units, traffic, pedestrian realm, and wind tunnel effects.

Personal anecdotes are best. Think about the long-term effects, not the nuisance of construction or high towers. Below are some sample letters for your reference:
Sample 1

Dear Councillor Doucette:

I am really concerned about the two proposals by Minto and Great West Life. I have lived here for many years and worry about crowding on the subways and more wind when I go out around the neighborhood.

[Your name]
[Your address]

Sample 2

Dear Councillor Doucette:

I have enjoyed living in this neighbourhood. Even though there are a lot of buildings, we still have green space and a quiet place for our children.With twice as many people, our neighborhood will be destroyed.

[Your name]
[Your address]

Sample 3

Dear Councillor Doucette:

I love the fact that there are trees all around our block, and even outside my window. Now I understand many of them will be cut down. Why is this allowed to happen? Also, I don’t understand how twice the number of people can fit here without wrecking our community.

[Your name]
[Your address]