7 New Hi-Rise Towers
are set to Overtake Your Neighbourhood

Population Density Doubled with up to 39-storey towers, 1700 units, and more than 5000 people.
Green Space Eliminated, 113+ Trees Removed, Services Strained
All Within a One-Block Radius of High Park/Keele TTC Station

High Park Community Alliance

Join us in fighting over-development in High Park!

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Make your voice heard!

Write to Councillor Sarah Doucette and City Planner Philip Carvalino to express your opinions.
Sarah Doucette’s email is:
Philip Carvalino’s email is:  
We suggest focusing on neighbourhood stability, ridiculous number of units, traffic, pedestrian realm, and wind tunnel effects.

Personal anecdotes are best. Think about the long-term effects, not the nuisance of construction or high towers. Below are some sample letters for your reference:
Sample 1

Dear Councillor Doucette:

I am really concerned about the two proposals by Minto and Great West Life. I have lived here for many years and worry about crowding on the subways and more wind when I go out around the neighborhood.

[Your name]
[Your address]

Sample 2

Dear Councillor Doucette:

I have enjoyed living in this neighbourhood. Even though there are a lot of buildings, we still have green space and a quiet place for our children.With twice as many people, our neighborhood will be destroyed.

[Your name]
[Your address]

Sample 3

Dear Councillor Doucette:

I love the fact that there are trees all around our block, and even outside my window. Now I understand many of them will be cut down. Why is this allowed to happen? Also, I don’t understand how twice the number of people can fit here without wrecking our community.

[Your name]
[Your address]