2 development applications could significantly change the High Park North neighbourhood

Population Density Doubled with up to 39-storey towers, 1700 units, and more than 5000 people.
Green Space Eliminated, 113+ Trees Removed, Services Strained

HPCA Updates

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to everyone who recently made a commitment to support our community!

Since October 1st, 2017, donations made to the High Park Community Alliance reached close to $6000.00! Thanks to your incredible generosity, we have now raised approximately $22,000 to fund our community’s challenge of Minto and Great West Life’s development proposals at the Ontario Municipal Board. 

We’d also like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to get the word out by distributing flyers, knocking on doors and reminding neighbours to donate. Your help and hard work is essential and  inspiring!

As you may be aware, we are preparing for what could be an expensive hearing at the OMB. We’ll need to hire a team of professionals which includes a lawyer ($35,000), an urban planner ($25,000) and an urban design consultant ($30,000), which amounts to $100,000. We may also need to raise twice that amount to cover the cost of both appeal hearings.

If you have yet to do so, please donate today:

           High Park Community Alliance

           #204-255 Glenlake Avenue

           Toronto, ON

           M6P 1G2