HPCA Updates

HPCA November Newsletter

Thanks again to everyone who attended the November 8th HPCA meeting.
We had a great turnout and it was wonderful to see so many new community members in attendance! Thank you to everyone who donated at the meeting. Altogether, we raised $525!

Special thanks to:

  • Shahrzad Davoudi, an urban designer who participated in the High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Character Study working group, who provided an overview of the City’s development guidelines for our neighbourhood.
  • Urban designer Alfredo Landaeta, who will represent HPCA at the OMB, shared 3D illustrations (as seen above) based on the developers’ proposals and the City’s development guidelines.

 At the meeting, we thanked our outgoing Councillor, Sarah Doucette, for her contributions to our community and she introduced our newly-elected Ward 4 Councillor, Gord Perks who will officially represent our community as of November 30. Bhutila Karpoche, MPP for Parkdale-High Park was also in attendance and shared her commitment to HPCA’s objectives.

We look forward to working with Councillor Perks and Ms. Karpoche to limit development in our neighbourhood.

Our last community fundraising event with The Village Players was such a success, we’ve decided to partner with them again!

Get your tickets for the:

Moonlight and Magnolias Dress Rehearsal

Thursday, 10 January 2019, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Village Playhouse 2190 Bloor St. West

Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased online or by contacting HPCA .

About the play….

Legendary film producer David O. Selznick is five weeks into shooting Gone With the Wind when he realizes the script is awful, and that the director doesn’t have a clue. He has five days to replace them, and restart the shoot, or the production will shut down. Selznick calls Victor Fleming from the set of The Wizard to Oz to direct, and he taps legendary playwright, screenwriter and script doctor Ben Hecht to rewrite the script. There’s only one problem: Hecht hasn’t read the book.

Over the course of five madcap days, the three men, assisted by Selznick’s assistant, Miss Poppenghul, frantically craft one of the most beloved screenplays of all time. As Selznick and Fleming act out the book for Hecht, the phone rings off the hook with calls from the likes of Vivien Leigh, Louis B. Mayer and Ed Sullivan.

OMB Update

2nd round of OMB prehearings

GWL: August 14, 2018
GWL made a motion for the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal to:

  1. bar the City of Toronto from arguing issues of conformity to the High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Character Study  Official Plan Amendment 419
  2. and/or determine that the OPA 419  has no bearing on this hearing

Proceedings resumed again on September 25, 2018, but no determinations were made. Ian Flett represented HPCA at both prehearings and some HPCA members attended. Another GWL date will be scheduled.

Minto:  September 6th,  2018 prehearing was postponed until December, 2018 (exact date unconfirmed)

1st round of OMB prehearings

GWL: Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
Minto: Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Ian Flett represented HPCA at the prehearings. Many HPCA members  attended and demonstrated community support for fair and reasonable development. Interested members  registered as either “parties or participants” for future hearings.

Please donate!

HPCA needs your support to challenge Minto and Great West Life’s development applications at the Ontario Municipal Board.

To date, we’ve raised: $25,500. 

There are several ways to donate:  

  1. Paypal  
  2. GoFundMe
  3. If you prefer to make a cash or cheque donation, email us at to arrange drop off or pickup

  4. You can also send a cheque, payable to:
    High Park Community Alliance
    255 Glenlake Avenue, Apt 204,
    Toronto,ON M6P 1G2