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Coming Soon - The Virtual Garage Sale!

HPCA is about to launch an online sale featuring quality used household and personal items.  All of it donated by local High Park residents. 

Funds will go to HPCA’s challenge of the massive proposals to add 7 towers to the High Park apartment neighbourhood – currently before the OMB.  

How will it work?  

Items donated to the “virtual” sale will be posted online.  HPCA handles the rest. 

No long distances for purchase pick ups.  No hassle, no haggling sales for donors.

A great way to support an important community cause without making a cash contribution. 

Do you have a select item of value you can donate?   We’re building our inventory now. 

So, please get in touch with us at this address:

And keep your eye out for HPCA updates for the official launch of the “Virtual Garage Sale”. Thanks for your support!

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