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Ontario Municipal Board prehearings: GWL Wed Jan 31 & Minto: Thurs Feb 8

HPCA has been informed the Ontario Municipal Board has scheduled prehearing conferences with:

  • GWL: Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 10:00AM
  • Minto: Thursday, February 8th, 2018 at 10:00AM

They will take place at the:

Ontario Municipal Board
 655 Bay Street, 16th Floor
 Toronto, ON

*Arrive at 9:15am to give your name to be represented by HPCA at the hearings. Meetings should be over by noon. Only those who attend in person are guaranteed to be listed as participants.

If you can’t attend the one or both of the meetings, please email AND to state your interest in participating despite your inability to attend the pre-hearing date(s) (provide your name, address, and contact information). The HPCA lawyer will ask the OMB panel to approve your participation, but it is ultimately up to that panel member to agree.

HPCA has contacted legal counsel to represent our organization at these important prehearing conferences which deal with preliminary and procedural matters, including:

  1. Identification of parties
  2. Identification of participants
  3. Identification of issues
  4. Possibility of settlement of any or all the issues
  5. Start date of the hearing
  6. Duration of the hearing
  7. Directions for prefiling of witness lists, expert witness statements and written evidence.
  8. The hearing of motions
  9. Such matters as the Board considers appropriate

For more information, read the OMB Prehearing Conference Info Sheet

It is important to note that the OMB’s notices state: “If you do not attend the prehearing conference, the Ontario Municipal Board may proceed in your absence and you will not be entitled to any further notice of these proceedings.”

As noted above, HPCA will be participating in these important prehearings.

Individuals are also welcome to attend and will have the opportunity to register as either “parties or participants” at the actual hearings.

For more information, read the OMB “Parties and Participants” Info Sheet

High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Character Study

The City of Toronto Planning Department has selected community members to participate in the High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Character Study Working Group and the first meeting will be held on Saturday, December 9th.

 The Study will evaluate physical characteristics of the neighbourhood and identify appropriate principles, policies and guidelines that will guide future change and compatible infill development.

 Four Working Group meetings have been scheduled:

  1. December 9th: Urban Design 101 and High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Character Elements Walk 
  2. January 23rd: Preliminary Findings Discussion 
  3. February 27th: Policy Development Discussion 
  4. April 24th: Finalize Recommendations Discussion 

 The City is also encouraging residents to: 

  1. Submit feedback in writing to the project team
  2. Send a request to City Staff to be added to the project mailing list
  3. Contact our Local Councillor

 For more information, go to:

Get Involved: High Park Apartment Neighbourhood Study

 Stay tuned for updates!

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