Virtual garage sale

Spring Cleaning with HPCA  – Shop and Donate to the “Virtual Garage Sale”

It’s finally Spring.  Are you cleaning up and finding items you no longer need? Consider donating them to the HPCA “Virtual Garage Sale”! 

We are looking for good quality, gently-used items to sell online – donated by people like you.  

100% of proceeds go to the HPCA effort to challenge the massive proposals to add 7 towers to the High Park apartment neighbourhood – currently before the OMB.  It’s an easy way to help out a good cause without making a cash contribution.   

Contact us, and HPCA does the rest.  No ads to post or buyers to deal with. 

The “Virtual Garage Sale” will be a place to buy quality items of value, and pick them up without having to go far.   

Here’s how it works. 


  1. Find an item you’d like to donate.  It’s something of value you’d buy yourself online that would likely sell quickly – likely worth $10 or more. 

  2. Send us a picture, a description, and your contact info. We’ll get in touch.

  3. We’ll ask you hold onto the item while we put it up for sale. 

  4. Once we have a buyer, HPCA will contact you about having it picked up.


  1. Browse our Virtual Garage online at the HPCA website, or on our Facebook page.

  2. Contact us about items that interest you. 

  3. Consider this a form of donation. The price will be set at a “no haggle” level to speed things along. 

Browse now!  

We have several items already in the Virtual Garage, from household to seasonal and sporting goods.  Have a look.  There may be something you like.  Or, it may give you an idea of something YOU can donate.

Garison brand space heater, 1500 watts, dual controls, 6 fins, on rolling casters.

Stands 25” high, 14” long, 6” deep.  Priced on Amazon at $100 +

Asian treasure/jewelry box.  All wood and hand-painted. Warm antique feel

Stands 16” high, 12” wide at base, 4 ½ “ deep.  Three small drawers and upper armoir cabinet with shelf.

Firefly brand.  Barely used – no visible wear .  Size 5 ½

(photos done – needs details)

Rinaldo Edition of the popular soccer game.

(photos done, no details yet)

Cage with tube system and penthouse.  Everthing you need: shavings, exercise wheel, food dish.  Includes a “how to” book for hamsters.

Pine wood veneer.  Single large drawer fitted for standard hanging files.  Two small item drawers for paper, etc… (nb: no lock) Include rolling casters for easy placement and moving.  26” deep, 16 ½” wide, 23” high.

(photos done)